Excavating Karakorum’s palace:
Archaeologists have unearthed
a Buddhist statue pedestal,
pillar bases of granite, and floor
tiles of burnt clay. Supervising
excavator Hans-Georg Hüttel –
at left his assistant Juliane
Schmidt – has his team operate
almost like modern surgeons
in order to preserve as much
original substance as possible.


>> This elaborate night shot
took a time exposure of 2 hours
and 74 flashes at 400 Ws per.
Juliane was there not only to
give the scene some life; first
of all she had to ensure that
I wouldn’t step on and destroy
anything while I stumbled around
in the dark, placing my strobe
in all the different parts of the
pit. The night was pitch black
and I couldn’t see much at all,
but Juliane had every square
inch of the dig memorized and
guided me by precise directions
as to where to place my feet.