of NGRIP, the North Greenland
Icecore Project on top of the
inland ice cap, 2961 m above
sea level, position: 75° 06' N,
42° 20' W.
The goal of this international
drilling project is extraction
of an ice core 3080 m long,
holding climate data on the
last 300 000 years.


>> Believe it or not: this is
literally the only shot of
the science camp I was able
to do. I had concentrated on
more pressing issues first:
the proceedings inside the
covered science trench where
the actual drilling takes place.
     When we came back to
the surface there was barely
enough time to drop on my
knees, point the lens at the
camp, and squeeze the trigger
once, before someone grabbed
us both and hauled us back to
the already waiting plane on
a skidoo.