In the BNI’s Biosafety Level 4
lab: For amplification of the
SARS virus, infected kidney
cells of a Vervet Monkey are
kept in a nutrient solution in
a plastic vial.
Negative-pressure air inside
the containment area prevents
hot agents from spreading.

>> The cover editors of German
news magazine DER SPIEGEL
wanted a ‘spooky’ image from
inside the L4 lab.
Naturally, I wasn’t allowed inside
the lab, so I had to shoot through
a small window in a door. The
light was bad and I couldn’t use
any studio lighting equipment
because every item that enters
the lab either stays there or has
to be sterilized on leaving it.
I resorted to a tiny slave flash
which I sealed inside an airtight
container which was then taped
to the door under the window by
the guys in the space suits.