For an unique group photo in a
library of the Victoria & Albert
Museum in London, the world’s
leading expert on Leonardo da
Vinci, Oxford art historian Martin
Kemp, and his colleagues Marina
Wallace, in black, and Thereza
Wells bring to life Leonardo da
Vinci’s famous ‘Last Supper’
fresco. Kemp and Wallace head
the international ‘Universal
Leonardo’ project.

>> This was part of a GEO picture
story on Leonardo da Vinci. The
original idea of a group portrait
with 13 different persons proved
unrealistic, so I switched to the
more unusual concept of having
three persons pose repeatedly in
different positions.
The time frame for the shoot was
extremely narrow, 75 minutes, a
fact which caused me a couple of
sleepless nights prior.
Digital composition of the five
4x5" exposures took me another
two days at the computer.

Photos available through: VISUM