Waterworks atop a rise on
Lake Constance. Lake water
is pumped from a depth of 60 m
and gushes forth in this basin
before it is filtered by twelve
ultra-fine sieves to remove
plankton and dirt. At daytime,
4 cubic meters per second are
treated, during the night, up to
8 cubic meters.


>> This night shot emphasizes
the spaceship-like architecture
of the building and makes the
upwelling water look magical.
I crouched on a small platform
of a crane 6 m above ground.
From there I shot double
exposures with different
filtering for the room and the
water. My assistant below
manned the light switches for
the respective illumination,
but communication was
difficult due to the water’s
noise. We had to use walkie-
talkies and sign language.