For repairs, activated carbon
has been removed from a
filtration tank at a waterworks
in Düsseldorf. A technician
adjusts tubing through which
pre-filtered water from the
upper part of the filter is
pressed into the bottom part.
Surface water, especially
from the river Rhine, requires
thorough and costly treatment.


>> I had already spent some
time inside the tank to set up
my lighting when a technician
found me there and all but
freaked out: ‘Dangerous…
suffocation… must check air
quality before entering tank…
blah, blah, blah!’
Shit, nobody had TOLD me!
But he let me finish anyway: the
Tyvek overalls I wore against
the carbon dust made me sweat
good and my face was pretty
flushed, so I looked perfectly
healthy, with no symptoms of
suffocation at all, thank god!