near Kangerlussuaq (Danish:
Søndre Strømfjord) on the
west coast of Greenland.
As the ice thaws, large chunks
of it fall from the face of the
glacier and get carried toward
the sea by Sandflugtdalen,
a glacial stream. The rock
bordering it was formed three
billion years ago, it is among
the oldest on earth.

>> This shot was taken around
midnight! In June, the sun
never sets here. When you are
unfamiliar with there being no
such thing as ‘night’, you
expect to get tired when your
watch tells you to. But you don’t,
which is a weird sensation, but
also a great advantage because
there is so much to explore!
     The natives have adapted
to this phenomenon. They go to
sleep anytime they feel like it,
even in the middle of the 'day’.